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Life comes from Life – Part 8

The First Morning Walk

The Second Morning Walk

Nobel Prize for an Ass

DR. SINGH: Some scientists hope that in the future they will be able to make babies in test tubes.


DR. SINGH: Yes, they intend to combine male and female elements in biological laboratories.

SRILA PRABHUPADA: If they begin with living entities, what is the purpose of the test tube? It is only a place for combination, but so is the womb. Where is the credit for the scientists if this is already being done in nature’s test tube?

KARANDHARA: It is already being done by nature, but when some scientist does it, people will give him the Nobel Prize.

SRILA PRABHUPADA: Yes, that is stated in Srimad-Bhagavatam: sva-vid-varahostra-kharaih samstutah purusah pasuh. This verse indicates that those who praise men who are like animals are no better than dogs, hogs, camels and asses. Sva means “dog,” vid-varaha means “stool-eating hog,” ustra means “camel,” and khara means “ass.” If the Nobel Prize is given to a scientist show is a rascal, the men on the committee who give him that prize are no better than dogs, hogs, camels and asses. We don’t accept them as human beings. One animal is praised by another animal. Where is the credit in that? If the men on the committee are no better than animals, anyone who receives the Nobel Prize in science is fool number one, because animals are praising him, not human beings.

DR. SINGH: For some scientists, the Nobel Prize is the ultimate.

SRILA PRABHUPADA: They are rascals. They are speaking non-sense, and because they are juggling words, others are being misled.

BRAHMANANDA SVAMI: Nobel is the person who invented dynamite.

SRILA PRABHUPADA: He has created great misfortune, and he has left his money for creating further misfortune. [Laughter.]

BRAHMANANDA SVAMI: The Gita says that demoniac people perform acts meant to destroy the world.

SRILA PRABHUPADA: Yes. Ugra-karmanah ksayaya jagato ‘hitah [Bg. 16.9]. They perform acts meant for inauspiciousness and the destruction of the world.

Life comes from Life – Part 7

The First Morning Walk

The Second Morning Walk

The Missing Link

DR. SINGH: In fact, there are several theories explaining how life originated from matter, how living matter came from non-living.

SRILA PRABHUPADA: [casting Dr. Singh in the role of materialistic scientist]. All right, scientist, why is life not coming from matter now? You rascal. Why isn’t life coming from matter now?
                    Actually such scientists are rascals. They childishly say that life came from matter, although they are not at all able to prove it. Our Krsna consciousness movement should expose all these rascals. They are only bluffing. Why don’t they create life immediately? In the past, they say, life arose from matter; and they say that this will happen again in the future. They even say that they will create life from matter. What kind of theory is this? They have already commented that life began from matter. This refers to the past – “began.” Then why do they now speak of the future? Is it not contradictory? They are expecting the past to occur in the future. This is childish nonsense.

KARANDHARA: They say that life arose from matter in the past that they will create life this way in the future.

SRILA PRABHUPADA: What is this nonsense? If they cannot prove that life arises from matter in the present, how do they know life arose this way in the past?

DR. SINGH: They are assuming…

SRILA PRABHUPADA: Everyone can assume, but this is not science. Everyone can assume something. You can assume something, I can assume something. But there must be proof. We can prove that life arises from life. For example, a father begets a child. The father is living, and the child is living. But where is their proof that a father can be a dead stone? Where is their proof? We can easily prove that life begins from life. And the original life is Krsna. That also can be proven. But what evidence exists that a child is born of stone? They cannot actually prove that life comes from matter. They are leaving that aside for the future [Laughter.]

KARANDHARA: The scientists say that they can now formulate acids, amino acids, that are almost like one-celled living organisms. They say that because these acids are so closely resemble living beings, there must be just one missing link needed before they can create life.

SRILA PRABHUPADA: Nonsense! Missing link. I’ll challenge them to their face! [Laughter.] They are missing this challenge. The missing link is this challenge to their face.

Life comes from Life – Part 6

The First Morning Walk

The Second Morning Walk

In the Future

KARANDHARA: They say they will create life in the future.

SRILA PRABHUPADA: What future? When this crucial point is raised, they reply, “We shall do it in the future.” Why in the future? That is nonsense. “Trust no future, however pleasant.” If they are so advanced, they must demonstrate now how life can be created from chemicals. Otherwise what is the meaning of their advancement? They are talking nonsense.

KARANDHARA: They say that they are right on the verge of creating life.

SRILA PRABHUPADA: That’s only a different way of saying the same thing: “In the future.” The scientists must admit that they will soon prove a chemical origin of life is something like paying someone with a postdated check. Suppose I give you a postdated check of ten thousand dollars but I actually have not money. What is the value of that check? Scientists are claiming that their science is wonderful, but when a practical example is wanted, they say they will provide it in the future. Suppose I say that I possess millions of dollars, and when you ask me for some money I say, “Yes, I will now give you a big postdated check. Is that allright?” If you are intelligent, you will reply, “At present give me atleast five dollars in cash so I can see something tangible.” Similarly, the scientists cannot produce even a single blade of grass in their laboratories, yet they are claiming that life is produced from chemicals. What is this nonsense? Is no one questioning this?

KARANDHARA: They say that life is produced by chemical laws.

SRILA PRABHUPADA: As soon as there is a law, we must take into consideration that someone made that law. Despite all their so-called advancement, the scientist in their laboratories cannot produce even a blade of grass. What kind of scientists are they?

DR. SINGH: They say that in the ultimate analysis, everything came from matter. Living matter came from nonliving matter.

SRILA PRABHUPADA: Then where is this living matter coming from now? Do the scientists say that life came from matter in the past but does not at the present? Where is the ant coming from now – from the dirt?