Coloured Heart

Color-adapting category is one of the rare sections on this site that almost

exclusively contains true optical illusions. The effect we showcase most

often, usually makes two parts of a picture seem as if they were of a different

color, even though they’re actually identical. This can often be proved by

removing the contextual background, isolating only the two parts on a colorless

surface. Representative example for this type of illusions would be original

Checkers Illusion. But what would happen if we could produce completely

opposite effect? Check out the animated .gif file below. While the two hearts

are surrounded by appropriate contextually relevant colors, they seem as if they

are of the same color. The moment animation changes and background colors

disappear -illusion stops and we can see the truth that was there the whole time.

Would be interesting to hear why you think this effect occurs?

What could be causing it?!


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