Confident persistence

The more you try to please everybody, the less you’ll be able
To benefit anybody. If you worry constantly about what
Others will think, you’ll sabotage your greatest
Accomplishments before they even get started.
Be kind, compassionate, thoughtful and considerate. Yet
Don’t be a slave to the opinions of others.
By all means, hold yourself to the highest standards. Just
Be sure they are truly your standards, and not merely fears
About what others may think.
Live and act true to what you know is right, and
Appropriate, and valuable. Follow your heart, your desires,
Your intuition and your own authentic dreams.
Listen to the criticism and advice, and learn from it. But
Don’t let it dissuade you or delay you from doing what you
Know you must.
You can achieve whatever you choose if you’ll just have the
Confidence and persistence to see it all the way through.
Whatever others might say or think, create the great value
That is yours to create.

Ralph Marston

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