Lessons from the Twenty-four Gurus – Part 17

Hare Krishna. Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudeva.

Today in our series of mails on "Lessons from the Twenty-four Gurus", we will continue to look at the qualities to learn from the spiritual master – Ocean. The avadhuta brahmana says (SB 11.8.5):

munih prasanna-gambhiro / durvigaahyo duratyayah
ananta paaro hy akshobhyah / stimitoda ivaarnavah

"A saintly sage is happy and pleasing in his external behavior, whereas internally he is most grave and thoughtful. Because his knowledge is immeasurable and unlimited he is never disturbed, and thus in all respects he is like the tranquil waters of the unfathomable and unsurpassable ocean."

The following are the qualities to learn from the Ocean from the above verse:

1. prasanna – cheerful/pleasing

2. gambhira – very grave

3. ananta-paarah – unlimited

4. durvigaahya – unfathomable

5. duratyayah – unsurpassable

6. akshobhyah – never disturbed

We had a peek into the quality of being prasanna (cheerful and pleasing) and gambhira (grave) in the last couple of mails this series. Today we will try to delve into the next quality – ananta-paarah – unlimited

Ananta-Paraah – Unlimited: Ocean is a such a large mass of water body and it is practically not possible for us to measure the quantity of water present in it, the number of shells, pearls and so many other minerals that are present in it. Ocean also doesn’t hold back these things for its self, but it freely gives it to living entities to use the same. Similarly the knowledge of pure devotees are also immeasurable and they also freely share it with others. Also knowledge increases manifold when we share it with others. Best example of immeasurable knowledge is our founder acharya His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada. Can we ever imagine a person at the age of 70 to do so much volumes of translation of scriptures and that too these are not literal translations which could be done easily by any Sanskrit scholar. These are realized translations coming from the heart of pure devotee, who had faced heart attacks and so many hardships. Yet he has provided such a world class literary work. Inspite of our young age and healthy conditions, we are still struggling to study even once all the works that he has provided us. Also we have to remember that just writing alone was not his job. He was simultaneously creating a revolution in the world’s misdirected civilization; he was travelling all over the world; building hundreds of temples; preaching to foreign people who don’t even know what Vedic religion is or who Krishna is. He was accepting disciples, training them, guiding them, writing letters to them, cooking food for them, teaching them Deity Worship. How could he do this?  Simply because he knew that “aham sarvasya prabhavo” – He knew that Krishna is source of all knowledge and that His knowledge is immeasurable. He also knew that just like how water in the ocean does not decrease when it gives it to other, he knew that he will not loose by sharing his knowledge with others and with great compassion, eagerness and mercy he willingly toiled and moiled night and day to translate these scriptures and share it with all.

Our dear spiritual master Srila Mahavishnu Goswami Maharaj used to tell us how we will share only when we are broad-hearted and that Krishna loves to reside in such broad-hearted people. Ultimately Krishna is source of all knowledge and if we foolishly try to withhold the knowledge with us alone then to smash our pride and make us come back to our senses, Krishna will grant us forgetfulness.  It is very mind boggling to even think how much knowledgeable Krishna is as He is ananta – unlimited. I shall quote few examples which Maharaj used to tell to glorify the greatness of Lord

a) We struggle so hard, spend so much time, energy and Lakshmi to create an aeroplane. To make it fly we need so much fuel and still there is no guarantee for safe flight. Whereas consider a mosquito – Krishna’s creation, it is so small and light. No petrol. No fuel. Just flies peacefully. No noise. No need of airport or control room for landing or take-off.

b) Our own human body – just think of how the brain, heart, lung, kidney, liver, pancreas, nerves, arteries function. Can we even imagine the intelligence of the person who created this human body, so much of blood flowing throughout and yet no leakage, no screws, no bolts inside. Whereas the pipes and taps at home always have some leakage problem inspite of all the nuts and bolts and we run behind plumbers every now and then to fix.

c) We boast of inventing vehicles – which wear and tear after few years and even when they are in use, get hit on the road every now and then and there is loss of life due to accidents. And our Krishna’s Solar system – various planets are revolving around the sun in their orbits for millions of years without hitting each other. There is no traffic light system for all these planets.

d) At home we find it so difficult to keep track of our accounts – expenses, savings, investments etc.  At work Appraisal process is a big night mare. To do the work is a challenge and more challenging than that is to show the boss what all work we have done. Apart from this, if we are appraising a team of people, then to keep track of their good/bad performance is another struggle. We take help of computers and so much of technology for these things. Inspite of all these there is no guarantee that we will get/provide fair and accurate results. Whereas our Supreme Lord Krishna is keeping track of all our karmas that we did in all our lifetimes! Just if we take ourselves, each one of us have 8 million 400 thousand species and we have done so many thing in each of our lives in the past and without any Super computer, wire, plug, hard-disk storage Krishna keeps accurate track of our actions and reactions and rewards/punishes in a very fair manner. And He is doing this for all the living entities in His creation in a flawless manner.

Honestly we have to accept that His knowledge is indeed unlimited and immeasurable. It is so vast that it is definitely not possible to list them in one mail. By realizing the Supreme Lord’s magnanimity, His unlimited knowledge, intelligence, power, influence etc, we will also become full in knowledge. And this knowledge of the Absolute will give us complete satisfaction. In complete knowledge we realize that He is Vibhu and we are anu – very tiny insignificant particle in front of Him. And therefore we should be very very thankful to Him for this human birth in which we have the chance to gain spiritual knowledge. In yesterday’s offering – “Devotees don’t do cinta – They do cintan”, we heard from Gurudev how we should try to make the best use of this life and increase our spiritual knowledge by studying Srila Prabhupada’s books and spread the message to all.

We pray that we remember the words of Gurudev and strive our best to obtain whatever spiritual knowledge we can by his mercy and like the vast ocean share it with all for the pleasure of unlimited, unfathomable Lord.

Thank you very much.

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