Transcendental Pearls of Wisdom – Part 1

Dear Devotees,

Hare Krishna. Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudeva.

I was going through my notes and found the points I had taken from some of the lectures of our spiritual master H H Mahavishnu Goswami Maharaj 2 years back. I thought it would be good to share these transcendental pearls of wisdom with everyone.

The following are some of the points taken from Maharaj’s lecture on 29th Feb 2008 in Rajkot.

1. Soul has no meaning without the Supersoul. That is why Supersoul always accompanies the soul.

2. The Supreme spirit supplies unlimited energy to the sparks as long as the spark is near the Supreme spirit.

3. We should always remember we are sparks. Remembering that we are ‘spark’ means we should be never proud (because spark is so tiny and insignificant). If the Supersoul decides to stop supply of energy, the soul cannot function.

4. If we try to brush off Krishna, we will be brushed off.

5. A boy grows to become a man by the energy of Krishna, not by pumping air into his body. This is developed by the unseen energy of Krishna. Thus we can understand that Krishna is present everywhere in the form of His energies. His energy is called ‘Supreme’ because it does not require external support.

6. At least 1 hour we should be with Prabhupada everyday by studying his books or listening to his lectures.

7. The power of karma must be established to control the exploitation tendency. (In other words we will know that if we exploit others, we will be exploited and avoid it).

8. Since Bhagavatam is absent in our lives these days, narrow-mindedness is increasing. Those who follow Bhagavatam in their lives will be broad-hearted.

9. Our life is completely useless if we are not habituated to see the spiritual thing everywhere. At the same time work must be done sincerely. If you do not have income you would not be able to come here (Rajkot).

10. In trying circumstances our faith in Krishna must increase. With devotional service, ‘suffering’ becomes ‘enjoyment’.

11. Try to reduce artificial necessities, especially electronics. Unless you understand the importance of Krishna, you cannot cut down material necessities.

12. In the process of getting spiritual attraction we should become lethargic in our material duties.

13. Artificial life will never give healthy life. Prabhupada did not give us easy-chair philosophy. At 4.00 am we have to stand up (for mangala arati).

14. For old persons, it is a sin to remain at home. Bhagavatam says we should live like a ‘guest’ in our home (grheshu atitivat vasan).

15. Our life must be completely simple and straightforward. No corners must be there in our mind.

16. Our material development also if it is through honest means, then it is spiritual. If it is through foul means, then it is material.

17. Too much of miserliness will finish our body, but we must be economical.

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