Don’t Break the Laws of Krishna

Dear Prabhujis and Mathajis,

Hare Krishna! Please accept my humble obeisances! All Glories to Srila Prabhupada and Gurudev!

I was recently listening to a speech by our beloved Spiritual master, on the occasion of a devotee’s wedding in Minneapolis. As part of the speech, Maharaj was wonderfully explaining the way to overcome the miserable conditions in our life. I shall post a few of the points here.

Those who are always connected to the Supreme Absolute Truth through the activities of devotional service will never know the miseries. Those people who concoct, they have to face the miseries. For us, we are always in the final destination. Young or old, one has to come back to the Lord, and that is the final destination. In Srimad Bhagavatam there is a wonderful verse (SB 2.8.6) which states,

dhautaatmaa purushah krishna / paada-mulam na muncati
mukta-sarva-parikleshah / paanthah sva-sharanam yathaa

"A pure devotee of the Lord whose heart has once been cleansed by the process of devotional service never relinquishes the lotus feet of Lord Krishna, for they fully satisfy him, as a traveller is satisfied at home after a troubled journey."

As soon as we sincerely surrender to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the result is ‘mukta sarva parikleshah‘- we are liberated from all the mental anguish. Mental anguish will definitely be there if you break the laws of Krishna. Hence the following should be strictly followed.

1. The four regulative principles of No meat eating, No intoxication, No gambling and No illicit sex must be practically followed and with that, the day to day duties must be nicely performed.
2. Preach Krishna consciousness to the suffering mass. This is our path, kaivalya sammata pathah. This is the approved path.This is bhakti yoga. As soon as this formula is followed, Hari katha will be relished day by day.
3. Avoid unnecessary artificial standard of living
4. Stop over-eating
5. Stop over-indulgence in sense gratification. We may be young at the moment but the time is working on all the bodies. So you are getting old. As you get older and older, bodily enjoyment has to be reduced. The more we glide to the waning years, the more we should stop sense gratification, and come to the final point where both the husband and wife should engage in serious devotional service.
6. Completely stop over dependence on other’s mercy. Try to work hard for your bread and be satisfied with what Krishna gives you.

If you do not follow the above, you will be in miserable condition.

Every day is a new day. It is His mercy. Sleeping is in our hand. To take rest is our choice. We may take rest at 9 or 10 or 11p.m. But to get up, is not in our hands. Please remember this. Even our soul sleeps. All our senses sleep. Whole body is completely like a dead person. Only the Super soul is awake. And when Super soul wants you to wake up, He helps you to wake up and we open the eyes. If He decides that this night is going to be the last night, Super soul will keep quiet and you will never get up. That is the ideal death. There is no suffering and we should pray for this type of death. So the point is, unless the Super soul helps, we will never wake up. Every day, every breath is His decision. If it is His decision, why are we roaming about with different mentally concocted things? At every step we are at His mercy. We do not really know, after two minutes, what is going to happen? Remember this. If you remember this instant passing away and living at the mercy of Krishna, then your life will be on proper lines. As soon as you forget this fact, you glide down into the sense gratification and unnecessary engagements, unnecessary activities, unnecessary eating, unnecessary parties, unnecessary this and that. Why can’t we remember this that instant death is waiting for us at any time? Chronic diseases are rampant.

As soon as you break the laws of Krishna, they are very stringent. He doesn’t speak with you. Here there is a police department. If you commit any crime, the police may come and arrest you. But Krishna doesn’t have the police department. He has the illusory energy department. If you do not believe Him, He throws you to the illusion. And you accept the things which are not there. Please stop this nonsense for good.

Thus the way out of mental anguish, is to follow the laws of Krishna by coming to the brahminical culture, which is to recognize the original source of everything and engage in His worship.

- Vaijayanthimala devi dasi

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